Hall of Fame

North West Tae Kwon Do ITF Style recognised as qualified Black Belts

Below is a list of NWTKD students who have dedicated their time and effort towards meeting their Black Belt objective. Well done to all of you.

This is dedicated:

  • to those who have retired, we wish them the best of health and success for the future.
  • to those we have lost, our memories remain.
  • to those who continue, we thank for their continued support.

We expect to have unknowingly omitted some long lost black belts. We would like to hear from you if you believe that we have missed your name or would like corrections to be made.   NWTKD has been running since 1984 – these are our recognised black belts:

Aakash Parekh, Aaron Pearce, Adam Birchwell, Adam Stewart, Adam Yousuf, Ailish Cunliff , Alan Ashcroft, Allan Wignall, Alun  Cummins, Amanda Osgood, Amelia Purchase, Andrew Newman, Andrew Roscoe, Anne  Mathieson, Arron Maguire,  Audrey Sach, Badar Kauzar, Bill Buckley, Bindi Stewart, Boris Andrews, Brian Williams, Harry Walsmley, Bruce Hiron, Bupendra Gohil, Carl Bayliss, Catherine Farrimond, Cathy Aitchinson, Chris Cuerdon, Chris Maguire, Chris Taylor. Craig  Pollitt. Daniel Graham, Darren  Ashcroft, Dave  Atherton. Dave Cummins, Deborah Tracey, Derek Carter, Derek Cummins, Dipen  Dahbi, Donna  Wright ,Douglas Andrews, Elliott Walker, Ellis  Thomas, Emma  Robinson, Eric Whittacker, Ferrari  Faquiri, Fred Hewitt, Gail  WhiteHead, Gareth Hiron, Gill Williams, Graham Tagg, Hannah Whittacker, Hema Patel, Ian Cunliffe, James Carr, James Housden, Jean-luc pearce, Jennifer Walmsley, Jim Wong, Joanne Tracey, Joseph Holland, Karen Kehoe, Kate German, Katie Mitton, Keith Winnard, Kevin Saint, Kimberley Wildman, Kirsten Todd, Kyle Pearce, Lewis Smith, Lewis Williams, Linda Spence, Lynne Gibson, Maggie Armitt, Marcel Bailey, Mark Coggins, Mark Hindle, Marriane Craig, Martyn Rissley, Mary Hewitt, Matt Ward, Matthew Kellet, Matthew Wignall, Mayur Panchal, Micheal Smith, Neil Hayes, Nick Pomfrett, Oyboon Diec, Paul Devlin, Paul Farrimond, Paul Nightingale, Paul Smith, Paul Walmsley, Peter Schofield, Phil (Junior) Graham, Phil Graham, Pru Boswell,  Rebecca Wignall, Resh Gohil Richard Boswell, Richard Greenall, Rob  Bonner, Rod Serrell, Robert Hook, Robert Turner, Ryan Mackenzie, Sajeel Abrar, Samantha Royal, Sarah Walker, Shaun Reid, Simon Taylor, Simon Whitley, Sita  Patel, Stacey Crook, Stephen McKenzie, Steve Callow, Suraj solanki, Tahir Khan, Theo Milne-Picken, Tina Smith, John Livesey, Tyrone Atkinson, Vishal parekh, Wayboon Diez, William Yu Perason, Gemma Cunliffe, Gareth Moulton, Andrew Wright, Yasin Zafar Ben Bolton, Ben Taylor, Sam Osgood, Isaac Osgood, Amanda Osgood, Rosie Hewitt, John Grime, Sue Grime, Mikey Grime, Aimee Grime, Jake Grime, Laura Pettett, Tom Hurley, Charlotte Scott, Adrian O’Regan, Steven Redfern,  Killian Govinden, Matt Wyeth, James Graham, Divyesh Dabhi, Stuart Thornley, Andy Hacking, Bella Hacking, Sheila Leadbetter, Scott Leadbetter, Rajan Mistry, Jake Smallbone, Siddhartha Wuppalapati, Aarushi Wuppalapati , Arundhati Wuppalapati, Priti Wuppalapati,  Daniel Turner, Naimh Kerr, Curtis Bolan-O’Regan, Chloe Bevan, Jamie Nicklin, Louise Damiral-Mercer, Adam Haworth, Michael Brindley, Isaac Backhouse, Joe Draper, Denis Piralic, Kayley Williams, Kelvin Ashurst, Caleb Ashurst, Jai Singh, Anthony Blake, Omar Aboo, Nathan Little, Martin Moffwood, Phil Prescott,  Neel Nichani, Raj Nichani, Boris Andrews, John Hicks, Ruby Hicks, Charlotte Ryan and more to follow.

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