Recognised recommended competitions that NWTKD will be supporting in date order.  If you are interested in attending any of the competitions then contact your instructor or send us a message via this website.  Free Sparring training is held at Buckshaw Tuesdays 7pm.  Ask for details if you are interested in attending.  Next Competition:

NWTKD Open T-Shirt Tournament Darwen 18 February

Open to all grades yellow belt upwards.  Individual patterns, team patterns and free sparring.

Coloured T shirts can be worn but MUST be TaeKwonDo related images and logos.  T shirts should be worn over the dobok trousers and coloured belts worn over the T shirt.

More details and forms to follows soon.

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New class at Darwen
New class at Adlington
New Class at Westhoughton L.C
Party Night 24th November
SBT/BBT 10 December 2017
Grading Examination 17th December
NWTKD Open Competition February 2018 Darwen